tips every golfer should know

Heading for the green? 

Here are some tips every golfer should know

The warmer weather has golfers everywhere pining to hit the green. But avid golfers who want to make the most of the season should follow these simple tips that will not only improve your golf score but, most importantly, will help to keep you injury-free.Close-up of Golf Club and Golf Ball

  1. When lifting your golf bag, bend your knees and lift using your legs, not your back
  2. Always warm up with a few minutes of aerobic activity, such as brisk walking
  3. Stretch the muscles in your back, abdomen, legs and shoulders before your game
  4. Use clubs that are the correct length, so you don’t have to bend or overextend your back
  5. Wear soft spikes on your shoes for greater cushioning and shock absorption
  6. Use a cart rather than carrying your clubs
  7. Take some lessons on how to swing and choose the correct club.
  8. Occasionally practice swinging in the opposite direction to balance the stress on the muscles in your back
  9. Bend your knees and use a golf club for support when stooping to retrieve your ball
  10. Always stretch to cool down after finishing a game

If you experience pain during or following your game, it’s important to seek treatment immediately. The longer an injury is allowed to linger, the more difficult and lengthy the healing process can be.

Doctors of chiropractic are primary care practitioners, and experts in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal problems. They provide drug-free, hands-on treatment that targets the source of pain and can prescribe therapeutic exercises to help you get in the game, and stay in the game.